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You know what’s a red flag? When they don’t get along with your family and friends.

Oh, I mean, let’s talk business  – red flags to look out for with your marketing agency.

red flags

Almost anything can come with a red flag, including agencies. And there’s nothing worse than investing a whole lot of money into a business that, in the end, screws it all up. So, I’m going to help you spot the red flags, so you know when to slap it in reverse, drive away into the sunset, cash still in your pocket, screaming, “Thank yooooou, Tori!!!”

Red Flag 1: Overpromising

The overpromising unrealistic dreamers that sell you results that seem too good to be true. They’ll suck you in with their sales techniques and leave you feeling like they are everything your business needs. Look, sometimes they can be serious. But I’m just saying it’s a red flag that one hundred percent needs more investigating. This brings me to my next one…

Red Flag 2: No track record or results

Upon your investigation, where is the proof their strategy works? If they can’t provide any examples of successful campaigns or measurable results – run. Unless they are a really cool startup and just need their first client like you in order to prove anything. Then, well, give ‘em a chance? Just make sure it’s a calculated risk.

Red Flag 3: One-size-fits-all

They present you with a strategy (their only strategy) without tailoring it to YOUR business’s needs and goals. RED FLAG ALERT. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing strategies. Industries may share similar strategies, but if the agency doesn’t talk to you about your goals – it’s saying something.

Red Flag 4: Hidden costs

You sit down and look through the proposal, which brings you to a couple of questions, to their reply, you find out there are hidden costs that haven’t been outlined. “Shady little squirrels!” Now you’re wondering what other sneaky subscriptions or ongoing costs they’ve nearly pinned you with. This doesn’t indicate good, honest business – or in this case, the word would be – TRANSPARENT. 

Red Flag 5: “Give us your cash, and we’ll turn your business around”

But how?! That is the question. You need to know what they will do to achieve such golden promises. Their plan is vague, and you’re not quite sure what kind of magic is being performed behind the scenes. Know where your cash is going in case you find out the magician disappears down the track.

Red Flag 6: Questionable interactions

The coffee shop test. Meeting your agency in a public place is the perfect setup to check out their way of interacting with others. Just like a first date – it’s a bit of a red flag when they’re rude to the waiter. If doing good business with good people is important to you, try this and see if they pass the test.

There you have it. Six red flags to prevent you from regretting your choice of agency. You’re welcome.