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Content writing

Stuck for time or ideas on what to write?
If you can talk about it, we can write it for you.

Original content has lasting benefits and helps show search engines you’re doing something of value. To put it simply, original content has never been published before, and the easiest way to obtain it is through an interview.

In a thirty-minute Zoom, we can create an article for your blog, website, magazine, case studies, video scripts, or socials. We gather valuable information and insights from your key stakeholders – whether within your leadership team, key stakeholders, subject matter experts, or clients.

We’ll prepare questions to guide the interview based on the objectives we’ve gleaned beforehand. By making the interviewee feel comfortable, we can ask open-ended questions that encourage detailed and insightful responses.

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“Interviewing is a lot like talking, but you have to guide the conversation.
You have to know what you want and go about getting it.”
– Anthony DeCurtis.

After the interview, we’ll transcribe and organise the information and insights to create credible and powerful content. Whether you’re trying to engage with potential or existing customers, unique content that aligns with your company’s purpose and values will elevate your brand.

Unless you can write copy yourself, an interview is the best way to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and insights. By sharing unique perspectives and experiences, you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Often amazing pieces of information come out that you don’t realise are educational. It’s crazy how often we hear “I thought that was common sense” when it’s not.

“You don’t know what you know,
untill somebody else doesn’t know.”
– Jack.

We have often interviewed for individual profiles used on websites and LinkedIn. Because even though you might be an expert in your field, it’s amazing how many potential customers will connect with you because we included a snippet of personal information. Things like enjoying wine, fishing, travelling, family time, tramping – any sport, hobby, or interest. It makes readers feel like they know you and makes it much easier to pick up the phone and call you.

Participating in interviews can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. The business owner can take a moment and reflect on how far he has come, employees recognise how much they value what they do, and clients become raving fans.

“MasterJack did a great job with great creative content. Highly recommend!”

Grant Stephens

Mortgage Advisor, Personalised Mortgages

We at MasterJack also enjoy learning about various industries and people. When we interview and start pulling knowledge and passion from people, they get excited, and we get excited. Imagine what it will do for your readers.

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