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Julie turned her passion into a business soon after recovering from her breast cancer journey. With her keen interest in essential oils, Julie began creating natural products for the purpose of healing the skin. It wasn’t long before her close friends spread the word and they became a success. She sells her products at the local market but wanted to drive more traffic to her online store. So, we helped Julie create a newsletter that not only cross-sells her lovely products, but it is a platform to share her stories, client journeys, and Julies extensive knowledge of natural skin care. The first newsletter we did for Mumma J’s promoted hand and nail cream, that web page’s traffic increased by 800%. The most recent newsletter about the healing balm, has increased sales by 50%.

Gilligan Sheppard is a team of many different talents. With a wealth of knowledge to share and a large client database, a newsletter was the perfect solution to maintain client relationships and keep Gilligan Sheppard top of mind. On a monthly basis, we help employees from each department write articles on business, accounting, employment, tax, marketing, personal stories, or anything thought-provoking. It’s been a success in promoting upcoming events and keeping in touch with existing clients, achieving an average open rate of 53.06%. The newsletter drives significant traffic to the website and provides great content for social media channels. Many articles have been a triumph on LinkedIn, which has led to new clients and sales.

Weekly newsletter and LinkedIn posts

A Week In Review (GS)

Richard is the tax specialist at Gilligan Sheppard, sending a weekly newsletter to accountants providing updates on tax – yes, you can send something that regularly a 0% unsubscribe rate – it’s about valuable content for the reader.

The Business and Finance average open rate for a newsletter is 21%, but we achieve a massage 50% average! We also use this newsletter to cross-sell other Gilligan Sheppard services such as business valuations – another item of value for the readers.

As an international speaker on Tax, we also copy Richards’s articles to his international network’s blogs. This gives him more exposure to those wanting services in international tax with New Zealand and gets him invited to panels and conferences as an export on the subject.

Shamus operates No Shock Electrical, Auckland’s trusted electricians. From residential renovations to commercial systems, their experienced team does it all. The team at No Shock Electrical is known for its dedication to customers and quality workmanship, so it was no surprise Shamus came to us wanting to further engage with clients. We meet with Shamus on a quarterly basis to discuss the services that they would like to promote, and from there we write the articles, upload them to their website, and publish a monthly newsletter. So far, the open rates have continued to increase by 47%.

monthly article management and newsletter


The team at Shieff Angland write their own content – after all, they are specialists in their chosen fields. The variety of topics is different for each publication. By loading the content onto their website, Google keeps a regular eye on updates. This has resulted in some topics coming up on the first page of Google and bringing in new clients to their firm.

We also publish a monthly newsletter to their existing clients and post the articles on their LinkedIn company page and email information to individuals so they can post fresh content on their own LinkedIn profiles.

content cycle set up for newsletters

Personalised Mortgages

Grant wanted two newsletters, one that would keep him in regular contact with his existing clients without bothering them, and another that would connect more regularly with his potential clients. We developed two templates and helped him to set his website up with a sign-up for newsletters form and a blog to put the articles.

We interview Grant once every quarter and then provide him with a fresh article once a month. We created an instruction manual for his team to manage the content cycle themselves. They update the website, publish the newsletter, and post to their social media with the content we provide.

regular website updates and quarterly newsletter

Himalayan leaky foundation

The Himalayan Leaky Foundation (HLF) is a non-profit organisation founded by Clare McCall and Rabindra Tamang in 2017 in the memory of Clare’s beloved father John McCall. The goal is to bring real change directly to the people who are in the most need.

Many still struggle without any healthcare or education, with no water supply, lack of sanitation and lots of people are still homeless after the earthquake. Thousands of young girls and boys live in danger of being trafficked, and traditional ways of life are fast disappearing. Himalayan Leaky Foundation exists to bring positive, tangible change to people’s lives. They do so through providing shelter, education, water and sanitation, opportunity, and kindness.

We helped Clare set up a newsletter where she could distribute articles about their latest projects and news in the Himalayas. The articles get published on their website and the content is then used for social media. We knew that a newsletter would be the perfect way to spread awareness of this incredible charity for people who are in such dire need.

website content

AG Health & wellness

Adriana Gomez, from AG Health & Wellness, offers holistically focused, non-invasive wellness services that help bring the body, soul, and mind into balance and harmony. Her business operates from home, and she needed a healthier presence online (pun intended). The main goal was to drive interested readers to book an appointment and provide information and testimonials to diminish doubt and arouse curiosity.

We guided Adriana through the process of setting up a domain and emails with her existing suppliers, and wrote content for her home page, about us page, and individual service pages.

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