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Is your website taking a long time to go live because it’s waiting on copy?

You’ve decided to get a new website or freshen up the one you have. Then the designer/developer asks you for your content. You sit down, thinking you’ll smash this out in an hour or so, only to discover that after sitting at a keyboard starting and restarting, this content stuff is harder than it looks.

One of the most crucial content writing challenges is readability. Sometimes writers get carried away by thoughts and ideas – down a rabbit hole, so to speak – and tend to deviate from the purpose of the content.

“In writing good advertising, it is necessary to put a mood into words and to transfer that mood to the reader.”
– Helen Woodward.

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Many other things need to be considered too – and it can get a bit overwhelming.

Be concise – do not say in 100 words what could be said in 50.

Keep it simple – avoid long sentences and complicated terms.

Essential at the top – put the most interesting information first.

Use keywords – avoid proprietary terms and abbreviations as much as possible.

Break it up – use headings and paragraph breaks to make it less intimidating.

Skim-friendly – use bulleted lists in place of long-worded information.

Highlights – promote the main information sparingly.

Use links – both internal and external.

From a marketing standpoint, good website content has been optimised for search engines (SEO) (let’s be honest, there is only Google). Understanding what your audience is looking for and using those search terms within your content is the best way of being found online.

“I recommend the MasterJack team to everyone with a website-based business because they can turn a website you understand into one everyone understands.”

Dean Thompson

Business Owner, Trade Checka

Quality, educational content makes it easy for returning, new and prospective customers to find the information they need to make decisions. Once your customers know your website is a valuable, reliable source of information, they’ll keep coming back and potentially refer you to whom they know.

Typical website pages include:

1. Home

2. About

3. Services/Products

4. Contact

We interview those who know each product or service and then provide your website content draft documents for feedback and editing. We can also interview those whose profiles you need to have on the website and clients for any case studies you want to showcase.

Additional pages, depending on your business, can include FAQs, Testimonials/Reviews, Blog/News, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions/Terms of Engagement, Sitemap, “Page not found”, Search Result, Jobs/Careers, Events/Calendar and the list goes on.

If you want to get your website copy sorted: