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Content review

Unsure if you’re on the right track?

Getting a third party to conduct an online content review can provide valuable insights and benefits for your business. We can objectively assess your online presence to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. MasterJack has the expertise and experience to help you enhance your first impression to your potential clients.

With an online marketing review, we examine why people wouldn’t buy from you – the barriers. We act like a customer who has heard of you and is jumping online to check you out. We provide a report and suggestions on how to break down the obstacles.

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We will review your online presence, looking at your website, Google search results and your social media channels. Our findings, impressions and recommendations will be put into a report for you to do with as you want.

“MasterJack was a great help in generating ideas for our content creation and guidance in networking and reaching for our main goal of athlete sponsorship. It is an effective and useful service and I highly recommend it.”

Crystal Sun

Sailing Athlete, New Zealand

If you’re unsure of the person/company looking after your website, or if it’s being done in-house and you want to check on everything, this review can be used as a second opinion. A second opinion will provide unbiased feedback which can highlight blind spots, usability issues, or opportunities you may have missed. External reviewing can bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to revitalise your online presence.

  • Content quality – is your brand voice connecting with your target audience?
  • Search Engine Optimisation – are you using compelling copy and keywords?
  • Brand Consistency – how does your brand compare over various channels?
  • Calls To Action – what are you asking your audience to do?

By conducting an online content review, you can ensure that your digital content is engaging, effective and aligned with your business goals – ultimately, get better results from your online presence.

You are welcome to carry out the recommendations yourself or supply the report to your current service providers, or we can generate a quote for us to do the content work, and we have connections with those who specialise in various areas of optimising your online presence.

Let’s discuss what you want reviewed.