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Content Strategy

A content strategy gives you a clear direction to reach your audience with defined goals.

It’s all very well to get content out into the world and try to be the ‘winner’ in your field of expertise but without a clear strategy, it’s all guesswork that can take longer to get the outcome you want.

It will result in a lack of direction and focus, wasted resources, missed opportunities and inadequate audience engagement. But the power of a content strategy can unlock new opportunities for growth and help you stay ahead of the curve to adapt to market trends.



Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.
– Arjun Basu

We can create a content strategy for you that will outline how you create, publish, distribute, and manage your content so that you can reach specific goals.

Goals can include brand awareness, attracting new customers, fostering brand loyalty, ranking higher in search results, engaging with customers, educating potential and current customers, setting up long-term lead generation, gaining and nurturing email subscribers, increasing brand authority – the list goes on.

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Content marketing is known to build customer awareness, generate leads and increase conversions. Imagine what it could do if it aligned with a strategy suited to your business.

The starting point is defining your audience – their ears – and the brand talking to them – your voice. There must be a connection between these two main elements – or the engagement won’t lift.

Defining your content’s voice, tone, and style to maintain brand consistency are powerful ways to resonate with your target audience. Once your brand voice, audience and goals are identified, we can develop a strategy for which platform you should talk to them on, how often, and what you should talk about.

Lisa provided a thorough, holistic content strategy review that set up a clear road map for the future – including delivery options. A great bit of work

Oliver Mander

CEO, New Zealand Shareholders Association

Content can be educational, inspirational, interactive, connecting, promotional, newsworthy, or entertaining. And your business could focus on one or more of these kinds of content. A content strategy that understands your target audience enables content creation that effectively addresses their needs, pain points, and interests.

If writing articles is a solution, we can create a topic strategy (often referred to as a pillars and clusters model) to ensure that your content answers the questions your customer types into search engines. This will include research on keywords for search engine optimisation and brand values.

If revenue growth is a goal, then the development of awareness content, thought leadership content, culture content and or sales-centric content should be included in the strategy.

Who will be responsible? What budgets and resources are available? How will you measure its success?

Each business’s content strategy will differ based on its goals and values. In today’s digital environment, getting the right message to the right customer is crucial. With a content strategy in place, you can ensure that every effort your team puts in will translate into tangible results.

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