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Content Management

Attract the right audience with valuable, relevant and consistent content.

Content cycles involve an end-to-end process of sourcing, creating, managing, and delivering content. We provide a service for corporations with in-house talent to create original content and manage and publish it on their behalf.

These corporations include law firms, accounting practices, banking and investment, consumer finance, mortgage, money markets, real estate, insurance, and retail, where experts within the team can write educational or informational articles (see example here). They usually help a reader understand an issue, service, product, or process – starting from fundamentals and gradually into more complex concepts.

Content marketing is an effective strategy to engage with your clients through newsletters, keep your website updated, and please Google, build yourselves as an authority in your industry and keep in touch with existing and interested clients.

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“Experts act to validate, illustrate, debunk or lead a reader toward ideas
using experience, insight, and wisdom.”
– Kimberly Edwards.

The costs associated with content marketing, such as the software and back-end knowledge, can be an added cost to your business that needs to produce a return on investment.

But what to write? We can leave that to your heads of department to decide or we can plan topic suggestions for your writers and schedule them on a calendar. This ensures that all your services provide content to be found in Google. We keep in touch with your authors by sending reminders to them, and we ensure your schedule is adhered to – whether weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Alternatively, we can interview your experts, business leaders and clients to develop original content; click here to read about our content interview service.

Our expertise is utilised to ensure that your brand voice resonates throughout your content, as well as editing, proofing, sourcing imagery, and ensuring that your target market will understand what is being communicated. By partnering with an experienced content management team, you can leverage our knowledge and industry best practices to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your content.

We can then upload the content to your website on your behalf, collate the new content into a newsletter to send to your database, and post the same content onto your company’s social media channels.

Everything is taken care of, including providing reports on the statistics for your marketing updates. We are committed to delivering your schedule to your deadlines and quality standards to meet and exceed your expectations.

And should you need updates to be completed on your website content, we can also include time to do these for you.

Your team writes, and we manage.