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Newsletters are a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

We create newsletters with a typical content cycle, which at MasterJack, looks like this:

  1. We interview you, your team, or your clients to write fresh and original content.
  2. We then convert these interviews into articles and upload them to your website.
  3. We regularly send out the articles through a newsletter to your database.
  4. We’ll update your social media channels with the same content.

This cycle takes care of updating your website on a regular basis, which Google loves. You are also in front of your existing audience through the newsletter – and as they say, it’s cheaper to get a customer to buy again than it is to convert a new one (and here are some other reasons in an article we wrote: Why newsletters? And how to set one up). We keep your social media up to date so that no one suspects you’re no longer around – particularly common in this post-Covid world.

“Developing solid content is one thing, but delivering it consistently is quite another. Successful marketing requires both, and MasterJack has done that for me.”

Campbell Hastie

Mortgage Adviser & Business Owner, Hastie Mortgages

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Let’s discuss how your business can start producing original content to stand out from your competitors.

Content cycles can be different. We must gauge how often your audience wants to hear from you. If the newsletters bug readers too much, they’ll unsubscribe, making it difficult to get in front of them again. We may also need to adjust how often we interview you/your people based on their availability and seasonal topics.

There are also content cycles for those with access to authors – their team. MasterJack will manage when the articles are due and send reminders if needed. We’ll ensure the content has one voice across the company and fits its brand. And then, we’ll continue with the content cycle to update and publish as above. You can read more about our content management services here.

We pride ourselves in achieving an open rate higher than the industry standard. An open rate is how many readers in your database opened the newsletter that we sent on your behalf. Typically, our newsletters get double the industry average (IA). For example, in construction (which includes all trades), the IA is 22.51%, whereas MasterJack newsletters achieve an open rate of over 40%. In business and finance, the IA is 21.56% and we earn over 50% in open rates.

The way that we share the same content on different platforms – through newsletters and social media – means that we are driving more traffic to your website. This is another metric that Google notices and counts towards ranking your website higher in search results – especially if we answer the question through articles the reader puts into a Google search.

As you can tell, we are quite passionate about this service. Not only does it get you and your team excited about what you do, but it also gets your clients excited.

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