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Service for Agencies

You’ve found someone who is good at and enjoys writing content. We do exist!

Typically, there are two services we work well with; one is website agencies, and the other is social or digital agencies.

It’s completely up to you if you want us to deal directly with your clients or if you would prefer a white-label solution where our services are coming from your agency. It’s all about open communication to ensure we all have the same expectations and then trusting each other will stick to the agreement.

We value collaboration over competition, and one of our value statements is ‘connecting good business with good people’.

Website Agencies & Developers

We get it; we completely understand where it falls over. Content. It’s when the time comes to retrieve the ‘about us’ copy from the client. You’ve warned them from the start that it’ll be needed; you may have even given them a timeframe hoping they’ll have it completed by the time the build is finished. But it’s always harder than they think; they’re not sure where to start or are too busy working to make their business successful to make some genuine and focused time.

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Let’s chat about how quickly we can get
website copy sorted for your clients.

We can contact the client directly or work from your office/zoom account – we will do what it takes to get the website copy written so that you can finish the job and look fantastic. If you are working with a particular plug-in, like Yoast, for example, we can ensure we write to get as many green lights, keywords, and titles as possible – you set the brief and what you consider to be best practices, and we’ll get the job done.

Digital & Social Agencies

We’re on the same page. If businesses want their online presence to soar, they must engage your services. But where it can fall over? Content. Once you’ve trawled their profiles, products, services, and history, what’s next? They might have some blog posts, but they can be limiting if they’re not evergreen. After a while, it runs out.

We write original content that aligns with their values and business personality. Content not only works for the short-term with campaigns but also in the long-term, building keyword-rich articles that work much like technical SEO. This will only make your reporting look better. Each new article will come with various points, learnings, information, etc., that you can use.

In our content cycle services, we do talk about posting to social media. But here are the details – we only do a manual post, no boosting or advertising. And in truth, we only do it on Facebook and LinkedIn. And if you don’t want us to do this for your client, then we won’t. Easy peasy.

Let’s talk about doing good business together.