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One person will see the Willow tree as protection from the sun, another, will see the shade it provides as cold and unwelcoming. Another will see the Willow tree as an obstacle in their way, yet one will stop to appreciate its beauty, and yet another wouldn’t even notice the Willow tree – to them, it’s simply another tree.

Perspective is power

I think it safe to assume that an object, situation, or event is viewed from numerous different perspectives that are made up and thought by, us, people. And because of this, does it mean that after all, nothing is really what we perceive something to be?

Say if this wasn’t the case. We would all find the same face to be beautiful, we would only see darkness through the rough times, people would read words and feel the same emotions, or a possession would hold the same value to everyone.

To change your perspective, is simply a choice you get to make.

Our ‘new normal’, living in lockdown, restrictions, wearing face masks and social distancing… has caused people to perceive their lives to suck right now.

We are caught up and focusing on what we don’t have and/or what has been taken away from us. It is as if we have completely forgotten about all that we still have and have had this entire time.

I was guilty of this, and the other day, I had a moment of realisation. I had set myself up in a relaxing space in my home. I lit a candle, played some soothing music, and picked up my journal – it had been a while. I didn’t even know what I wanted to write. I had been feeling uninspired and sick of being stuck in Auckland – I was so focused on this restriction.

As I began to give myself a moment to feel what I needed to write, I looked around and stared deeply at every little object in my space around me. I felt the silence behind the soft melody playing. I felt so safe. I felt so lucky.

“Wow, I actually have such beautiful things around me, and this is my home, I am safe.”

In fact, I couldn’t quite grasp how lucky I was to even have access to play whatever music I wanted. Safe to say I got real deep in appreciation for everything I had in my life. I often express gratitude; however, this time it was different. My entire perspective completely shifted, and it was extremely powerful.

If you are only thinking about your problems and sorrows, that is exactly what you are going to attract in your life. Start thinking about solutions and opportunities, and you will attract an abundance of them.

(Undoubtedly the most talked about universal law, the law of attraction is often used for manifestation. It says that like attracts like, and you get what you focus on. Not only that, but you have to believe what you’re seeking is possible to obtain.)

Keep revisiting the same thoughts and feelings and you will keep creating the same reality. There is immense power behind every individual and how you choose to think.

Inspire yourself with the power of perspective.