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Tori no longer works for MasterJack; for any enquiries, please contact Lucy.

Tori Munyard

Tori is the content manager of MasterJack and a marketing assistant at Gilligan Sheppard. She is a bit of a foodie and known for her nutrition and health learnings. Always with a great point of view, Tori will either challenge or cement your opinion on anything, resulting in many deep and meaningful conversations around the office.

With a background full of variety, Tori brings experience from law enforcement training, working in resorts overseas, and running promotions in the hospitality industry.

At MasterJack, Tori makes use of her proofing, editing, and language conversion skills (not a translation, we mean getting rid of jargon so that everyone can understand what is being read). She can jump in and out of various websites, newsletters, and social platforms to publish and post content. Always keeping her skills up to date, Tori has completed certificates in digital design, creative media, and copywriting.

Email: tori@masterjack.co.nz
Phone: 022 077 1819


Vision6 Certified Badge

“If you want to change anything in your
life, change the frequency by changing
your thoughts.”

Within Gilligan Sheppard, Tori is a talented multi-tasker jumping from creative projects to event organisation and management.

In Tori’s spare time, you’ll find her at a festival, trying a new restaurant or café, or BBQing with friends and family.