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Lisa Garrud

Lisa is the content director of MasterJack, the marketing executive for Gilligan Sheppard, and a director consultant for BNI New Zealand. She is also widely known for her dad jokes and considers laughs, groans, and eye rolls to be responses of appreciation.

With a background in sales, graphic design, and workflow management, Lisa has run three of her own businesses and a couple for their owners and understands the ins and outs of working in and on a business.

At MasterJack, Lisa is the chief interviewer and head-hunter. Out on the road or through a microphone on zoom, Lisa has a talent for listening and asking the right questions. She understands that a brand’s personality comes from the leadership and talent within a business.

Within Gilligan Sheppard, Lisa manages all aspects of the company’s brand and communications. But of course, she could not do this without her able and passionate team.

Email: lisa@masterjack.co.nz
Mobile: 021 927 033

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Lisa Garrud

What do you call a magician without his magic?

As a director consultant for BNI New Zealand, Lisa is a member of a successful chapter and looks after three other chapters within the Auckland area. This provides Lisa with access to a skilled list of business owners who can be referred to for specialist skills through to residential needs – business coaches, plumbers and sparkies, health and wellness providers, and the list goes on.

In Lisa’s spare time, you’ll find her training or competing in artistic roller skating. She has represented New Zealand at the Oceania level a few times and coaches skaters up to a national level. Her goal is to compete overseas (other than in Australia).